One of a kind wooden fish carvings for coastal home decor’ and gifts, awards, trophies, and alternatives to taxidermy

Nassau Grouper
Nassau Grouper $198  12 x 24″ shipping included

SIMPLY THE BEST – Florida inspired fish art perfect gifts for fishermen and enhancements for coastal home decor.


HOG FISH $177  12 x 21′  shipping included

Each piece is hand made by the artist. Since the work is a collaboration between the artist and the materials, every rendering is unique…making for distinctive coastal home decor’.
The work is not limited to the artist’s catalog; requests for custom work are encouraged. The primary subject matter is Florida salt water game fish.

Carved Marlin

Arched Marlin $261 12 x 33″ shipping included

Doc’s Island Unique Fish Wall Art is the only style of its kind locally called “fish camp style”; creative, organic, and comfortably mono-chromatic.

Florida Tarpon $175

Florida Tarpon $268 12 x 34″  shipping included

Imagine how such wooden fish carvings would look in the home, yacht salon, office, restaurant, bar, or clubhouse. These can also lend themselves to be award trophies for tournaments and other such salt life competitions. Renderings of a catch can be created from a good photograph and a few dimensions and will last a lifetime.

Squid Bait $100.00

Squid bait $163 12×19″ shipping included

Interior Designers and commercial contractors may consider Doc’s Island for professional, unique, and custom wall art décor for their accounts.

Sailfish $185

Sailfish $247 12 x 31″ shipping included


All work is done solely by the artist, with American materials, in his “studio” just over the ditch (The Intracoastal Waterway). John “Doc” Fabiano has been a Jacksonville, Florida resident since 1978 and an artist, writer, and cook for most of his life. Growing up in a maritime community and settling in the lower latitudes, Doc has caught, cooked, and consumed or caught and released many of his subjects.




MAHI MAHI (AKA: “DOLPHIN” OR “DORADO”)$198 12 x 24″ shipping included

The present work is the latest step in a progression that began some years ago when Doc began teaching autistic students Gyotaku wall art as a tactile experience.

Flounder $135

Flounder $191 12 x 23″ shipping included




jfabiano27@bellsouth.net  (904) 502-2857